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The following tool applies only to customer of our Alamo, TN, USA facility.

Note:  If you do not have a bushing style number, please try our
Bushing Dimensional Search.

Note:  There is not the option to look for a specific version of a style but only the latest version we have on file. Looking for a specific version can cause a "Bushing Not Found" message even though we do have information for that style on file.

(Example:  On GE catalog 11B660BBG6 , G6 refers to the version of style number 11B660BB.To find out latest information we have on file for this bushing, you would search by the style number 11B660BB and not the style + version number or 11B660BBG6)


Note:  When searching for a cross reference, the database locates all bushing catalog numbers that have already been cross referenced and that most closely match your input. For example, if you type in 5B411 and it has not been cross referenced before; however, 15B411 has been cross referenced the search will pull up a list containing 15B411 as the catalog numbers that most closely match your search criteria. If the catalog number is not the same as the one you typed in, the cross reference information is not meant for your bushing.

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