QSS and QSS AB Bushing Styles

The following tool applies only to products from our Alamo, TN, USA facility.

The following are our Quick Ship Style ( QSS ) which includes our new QSS AB bushing styles. QSS styles are being manufactured every day even if an order does not exist for that specific style.  Hence, your search should commence with QSS when seeking best possible delivery while searching through our standard offering when looking for a technical alternative.  Both offerings maintain deliveries based on present factory loading and orders of six(6) or less units.  For orders greater than six(6) units, please contact your sales representative, or Alamo Customer Service at 1-800-955-8399(or see contact us).
ABB is structuring production volumes around industry demands and attempting to maintain QSS deliveries at 6 wks (+ 2 wks max).
   Note, deliveries are dependant on incoming orders and therefore subject to change from day to day. ABB will of course confirm the delivery date on receipt of your order. 

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QSS 25-196 kV Condenser
Standard 25 & 34.5 kV High Current / Temperature
QSS 15 kV Bulk Bushings
Standard 25-362 kV Condenser
Standard 15 kV Bulk Bushings
CORIP Bushings
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